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What Our Candidates Are Saying

What other people thought about the service provided by the REMIC Job Bank

I was pleasantly surprised to find that it not only contained job postings from mortgage Brokers, but also it contained well prepared Company Profiles!! This was enormously helpful in providing me with the needed background info and fee structure, benefits, etc on each company. Excellent!!

The job bank that REMIC provides is an amazing service for new agents like myself. I would definitely recommend the service to students looking to enter the industry, especially if you want to interview with several different brokerages and pick one that is a good fit for what you’re looking for.

The job bank is great, had a lot of responses in a short period of time! Thanks!

The Remic Job Bank is an excellent web based program, that offers assistance in getting that first interview, and offering really great tips on preparing for the initial meeting. It helped make the difference in the way brokerages see my resume and gave me the extra edge.

I was contacted by a few companies as soon as I joined the job bank. I would especially recommend this service for anyone that isn’t familiar with all of the different job banks and internet sites for brokerages that might be posting career info. Every brokerage in here is hiring new agents!

I got calls from brokerages quickly. Thanks!

I was clueless as to where to start when looking for a brokerage. Here I was able to access tons of brokers in my area that are all hiring. This made the process really easy for me. The interview worksheet provided also helped me to know the right questions to ask.

Excellent system! Keep it up.

As soon as I enrolled with the job bank I began receiving messages from Brokerages that were hiring. This is a great service to newly licensed agents.

I have never seen such a job bank. As soon as I posted my info I received few phone calls from different brokerages!

Excellent tool. I talked to a lot of recruiters using REMIC’s job board!

I am truly grateful for showing me my options. The employers are very kind and welcoming!

How It All Works

REMIC offers free job placement assistance for our graduates. If you wish to take advantage of this program your first step is create an account in our Job Bank. The Job Bank allows you to view job postings from brokerages across Ontario.

Like a typical job bank, mortgage brokerages will also have access to your resume and cover letter (should you include them), allowing them to contact you directly and setup an interview.

This is a completely FREE service for all previous REMIC students. Sign up and create your own profile. Browse through brokerage profiles and search and respond to job postings.